Art Shop Geneva is an online shop that offers a stunning collection of original paintings by the talented artist Kateryna Tropnikova.

Born in May 1985, Kateryna Tropnikova is an accomplished portrait and landscape painter based in Geneva. She received her training at the prestigious Crimean Art College and National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in Kiev. Her work has received recognition from some of the most esteemed artists awards in Europe, cementing her place as a respected and celebrated artist in the industry.

Kateryna's unique artistic style is characterized by her ability to capture the essence of her subjects through a focus on natural light and a keen attention to detail. She constructs realistic drawings with great accuracy, conveying the visual effect of her subjects from a distance rather than focusing solely on detail.

Her work has been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout Europe, including London, Rome, Geneva, and Kiev. Her paintings have captured the attention of art enthusiasts and collectors alike, with her signature style and technique earning her a dedicated following in the art world.

Through Art Shop Geneva, Kateryna Tropnikova's exquisite collection of original paintings is now available for purchase online. Each painting is a true masterpiece, and a testament to the artist's skill, creativity, and unique vision.


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